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Drummers Play Harder with Tony is Lee County's Premier Drum Instructor specializing with a focus on drum player skills development from the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Drum Student

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The new beginner package includes a PDP snare stand...A Vater 12 inch practice pad...Vic Firth 5B Sticks...A book called " Stick Control, plus 1 starter lesson all for $159.99.

Drum Instruction Services

Our Passion is playing drums and teaching others with the same passion to reach the next level in drumming skills.
We provide the following drum instruction services:

Beginner Drum Instruction
This stage is dedicated to people that has no prior experience to drumming. You will learn all the basic rudiments of drumming.

Intermediate Drum Instruction
This stage includes being introduced behind the drum-set and learning how to read music.

Advanced Drum Instruction
By this stage, you will have several years of experience behind you Mostly focusing on putting together music whether it be original or covers.


*All lessons must be paid upfront before services are rendered. No Refunds.

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  • $159.99
    Beginner Package Special
  • ONLY $45
    Individual 1 Hour Lessons
  • ONLY $200
    5 Drum Lessons
  • ONLY $425
    10 Drum Lessons
  • ONLY $625
    15 Drum Lessons
  • ONLY $1000
    24 Drum Lessons


Hello, My Name is Tony. I've been playing drums for over 37 years and have taught hundreds of drummers at all levels of drumming. My clients have become the very best they can be in their fields of percussion. I am a quality teacher that teaches all levels of drumming.

What Can I Expect?

Whether a beginner or advanced student, I will instruct with your skill level in mind. Everyone is at a different skill level and our goal is to present an easy but challenging method of drum instruction that you can learn from to maximize your skill set.

I have worked with beginners and advanced drummers to develop their skills to the next level. I will take you as far as you want to go and work with you at the level you can handle.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Introduction to the drum kit
  • Learn all the basic drum rudiments
  • Learn to read drum charts
  • Putting together music
  • Advanced drum techniques and skills


If you would like more information about our Drum School or any questions regarding our Instruction Services, please contact us using the form below or feel free to call us at 253.283.3658 today!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lehigh Acres, FL